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“Matsutake” is a kind of mushroom. “Taken” is a past tense verb that, in this application, implies alien abduction. Together these words form an embarrassingly juvenile name for an otherwise serious album. This LP, our second, consists of almost entirely live-tracked recordings aside from the vocals, some interludes, and occasional overdubs. As usual, it was recorded in our garage in Fort Worth, Texas. Thank you to the people of this great city for your support. Thank you to Colin Bolger for the fantastic artwork. Thank you for listening. Love. Enjoy.


released February 13, 2017

Julian: Guitar, Pog, Piano (track 4), Vocals (track 7), Bass (track 8) Management & Booking, Moral Support, Beautiful Eyes

Adam: Drums, Vocals, Production & Mix, Bass (track 4+6), Acoustic & Clean guitar (track 7+8), SK-5 (track 5+7+11), Great Smile



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


The Good Kind of Mushroom Fort Worth, Texas

Matsutaken 2-13-17

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Track Name: Enoki Grove
Far from piercing sun,
Where the rivers run,
I saw rivers die,
Foliage covered sky.
And let's belong,
Here landed wrong,
Oaken friend anew,
Please guide me through.

This is where we come,
When the bell is rung,
Here venture all,
God lecture call.
Bapharet raised us well,
We're all blessed in hell,
Burn my flesh for the one,
Come to the forest my son!
Track Name: Get Abducted
Light approaches from the blue,
Brighter than the sun it flew.

Enter in through abdomen,
Guttural crown human can lend.

Track Name: Magic Carpet Creature
There's a beast that you will discover.
Look to the East, the Eastern-most struggle.
All you'll find are dead kids and rubble.
Think of He and fear his own mother.

Time spent alone in the age of death is when you learn the most.
Think of all the times they entered through your tear-filled eyes, but there's no fear when you're dead inside.

(Time spent, made up; death earned, force-learned;
loosened fissure, sun forged maker.)
Track Name: Zen Tsar // Haphazard Chasm
Track Name: Space Princess pt. I
Track Name: Space Princess pt. II
Track Name: Confusion of Tongues
Build taller towers so closer to God we may be.
Track Name: Out in the Light and Air // Oskarr
Free from classist chains,
Perpetual slaves dismayed.
Out in the light and air, they breath.

Seized from vapid god,
Head lay low in diamond nod,
Cave-lived prols embrace again.
Depths of immense light absence,
White phosphorous-leaking craft sits,
Out float our own dissenting pair.

Against a tailed creature,
Bapharet of a mer-like stature,
Equals and prols un-shamed till end.
Track Name: The Baikal Conundrum
Lesions form on the Alleghens,
Black under mass in sky.
Other side of the Earth in Plains,
Clouds of grey and blood rain fly.

Seasons come, seasons go,
Lakes empty as I, well they burn,
and the sky, yes it yearns, conversing again, from water to sun.
Into the depths, without choice they are sent,
Never recall the green you once knew.
Track Name: Hadopelagic Voyage
Death defied, gill-ed confine under seas.
Dažbog, our own god, it's our instinct, to seek.
To live is to die, to breath is to fall to your knees.
Solar deity, come on, please speak to me.
Abhorred are those who speak mention of the trees.
Lush green, memories, a blind mind, it'll die.
Lacerate the weak who speak their mind.
Birthright, under mass plight, our sun god, is gone.
Lives spent embracing burrowed sin, circumstances kill every kin.
Lives spent, in voyage deep, he entrusted thee, end of humanity.
Track Name: Doom Merchants
Dust-swept grounds to which they come.
Icy planet melted years in the past.
Fly over flattened city, encapsuled merchants pity,
Fathoms down, something coming fast.
And you know it is.

Inside the lustrous craft they seek your fate.
Sealed ages gone were your caste and your trait.
Brain-dead encumbrants from a sacred past.
If they're to die they're going to be the last.

Eyes, blood pulsing in the wind.
No ones saving you from the Katamits.
Saucer creatures afar, torture of youth bizarre,
Minutes gone from merchants touching down.
And you know they will.

Inside the lustrous craft they seek your fate.
Sealed ages gone were your caste and your trait.
Brain-dead encumbrants from a sacred past.
If they're to die they're going to be the last.