Bapharet Vessel

by The Good Kind of Mushroom

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we're talking about cantharellus cibarius my friends

“Bapharet Vessel” is the first full album by The Good Kind of Mushroom. It was recorded in the finest facilities in the nation, Adam's garage. The “Bapharet” is a creature created by the boys in The Good Kind of Mushroom which mixes the words tabaret and Baphomet. A tabaret, an old percussive instrument made of wood and animal hides, and the Baphomet, an ancient pagan idol, combine to create a musical demon, the Bapharet. This album is the vessel that delivers you this horned lizard-goat's expedition through space and time.

We are pleased to introduce this thick-riffed, hazy sound to all the wonderful people who enjoy our music.

enjoy and peace.


released June 6, 2016

Guitar / Bass / Production / Manager: Julian
Drums / Vocals / Production / Mixing: Adam



all rights reserved


The Good Kind of Mushroom Fort Worth, Texas

Matsutaken 2-13-17

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Track Name: Luke's Third Vision
Here's no creature but myself,
Sulfuric pits doom my years left, now,
Unscripted thoughts sit skulled shelf,
Survey sunn0)) cooked lips cleft.

Capsule desperate, our death soon.
Succumbed defiance, sentence long.
Southern side of Jupiter moon,
With eyes removed vile gone.
Track Name: Demon Leaf
In-grounded round seed, spit sirenescent song.
Heterodox listen, enlightened lungs they long.
Stuck leaves clear baggie, spit sirenescent song.
Smoke floats to red sky, heaven deems it wrong.


From highest order give to all,
Under color absentive shawl.
Demon leaf ended then abrupt,
Semper ardens holy weed corrupt.
Track Name: The Good Kind of Mushroom
They flock to pray, throw their arms up as they say:
Forever in you land may I stay.
But weedians know, there's one more place to go,
There's a haven I have given you on Earth.
But on Planet Three, when you're up here with me,
There's no such fun, enjoy your odyssey while you can.


Your's has given two more than just three eyes,
The good kind of mushroom fucks with your mind.
Through spreading spores, eternal life,
Trifles doth vanish when you're high.
Track Name: Furrows
-- instrumental --
Track Name: Stoa of Attalos
Raised are the flags of, the Holy King.
Must nature prostrate, for sinning thing?
Pergamon, ruler of me.

Face of the virgin, when brought to tears.
Agoran panic, tree-induced fears.
Hashishian, I think I saw.
Track Name: Grand Lizard Bapharet
Layed aside like wilt unseen,
The tropic sheen' of abject tree,
Sunn0)) fluctuates not for you,
But forest quake and beckons thee.

Scenes of rape' interrupted beauty,
Heady call to forthwith duty,
Arroyo valley' God not watch,
The desperate blind sing to pursue me.

The dead lay idle in piles of rot,
Catechism doubters, conservative thought,
Nazarene guilt belaud refugee,
He, tree of smoke, God of oak, let you see.